March 17, 2009: I challenge Andrew Bird to a game of Scrabble!

February 30, 2009: Although I really like the idea of releasing themed EPs I think I'm going to go a more traditional approach and release an album. I won't abandon the themed EP idea, I just think that I don't have a large enough fan base right now to make it work properly. The album will be a new take on some previous work of mine.

November 24, 2008: accumulous EP is now for sale through iTunes! You can now get my EP here or there ... but not everywhere. Last week-ish I was interviewed for the "Double Punch" podcast also available through iTunes. Look for it soon!

October 21, 2008: accumulous EP is now available! You can purchase it from the 'shop' section of my website; or you can hear a couple of tracks from the album on my Myspace or CBC Radio 3 pages, or! listen to a few Demos from the EP in the 'music' section of my website.

October 14, 2008: EP will be available Tuesday October 21st. To Tide you over, I've added another DEMO from the EP for you to listen to. You can find it with the two others in the music section of the site.

August 31, 2008: accumulous EP didn't get finished in time. Well I finished it, but I wasn't happy with the last couple of songs so I'm fixing them up! It should be finished soon. I feel badly about missing the target, so I posted the first two tracks for download in the music section of the website.

August 9, 2008: New website up and running, now with the ability to purchase music directly from the site, at a lower price than elsewhere!